Cancellation of Removal

Cancellation of Removal is a form of "relief" from deportation which may be available to both lawful permanent residents and non lawful permanent residents facing deportation/removal. Cancellation of Removal is a means by which Lawful Permanent Residents can retain their resident status after having been convicted of certain criminal offenses which may render them removable from the U.S., and by which certain non-permanent residents may obtain lawful resident status, based on the duration of their residence in the U.S., family ties to the U.S., hardship factors and a showing that they possess good moral character.

Cancellation of Removal cases can be extremely complex, and in order to succeed on an application it is imperative that the application be supported by substantial documentation and be compelling. An experienced immigration attorney will know how to properly prepare an application for Cancellation of Removal and to prepare their client and witnesses to testify before the Immigration Judge.

Our Immigration Law Office located in West Palm Beach, Florida has a successful track record of winning Cancellation of Removal cases, and preventing foreign national clients from being deported to their country of origin and in many cases, preventing them from being separated from their families. Our immigration attorneys have extensive experience and a proven track record in handling Cancellation of Removal cases before the Immigration Courts throughout the United States.

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