Attorney Helping Clients become U.S. Citizens

For most people who become lawful residents of the U.S., after having established a life for themselves and their families in the U.S., they desire to obtain all the rights and privileges of the person born in the U.S.

This is done through the process of Naturalization, the act of a person not born in the U.S. becoming a U.S. citizen.

US Citizenship

U.S. citizenship confers many wonderful and exciting privileges. Not only does one have the ability to obtain a U.S. passport, which often provides for easier travel internationally, but also the naturalized U.S. citizen may vote or run for office just as the native born U.S. citizen may. In addition, becoming a U.S. citizen will in most instances provide the citizen with the opportunity to petition for other family members to become lawful permanent residents (greencard holders).

There are certain requirements you must meet in order to qualify for U.S. citizenship:

  • You must have lived in the U.S. as a legal permanent resident for at least five years; if you are married to a U.S. citizen, you must have had permanent residency for three years
  • You were present in the U.S. for three of those five years
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You did not make any other country your permanent home during your permanent residency in the U.S.
  • You have good character
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak English
  • You must know the history and government of the United States
  • You must pledge your allegiance to the United States and accept the principles of the U.S. Constitution

There are many issues which could adversely effect a person's Application for Naturalization. Some of those issues may be:

  • Failure to Pay Child Support
  • Misrepresentations in Prior Applications
  • Criminal Issues
  • Failure to Timely File Income Taxes

All of these issues may be overcome, however even the seemingly smallest issue could complicate an application for U.S. citizenship. An experienced Immigration attorney can advise on what issues may or may not arise in applying for U.S. citizenship, and how those issues can be addressed and ultimately, overcome.

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